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Ayromatic Room Spray | Emerald Mint | Odor Neutralizer | 100ml

Ayromatic Room Spray | Emerald Mint | Odor Neutralizer | 100ml


Ayromatic helps neutralize lingering odors from your sessions by using natural plant oils. Ayromatic Emerald Mint brings a fresh & clean feel with each spray. With Spearmint as its main ingredient, the minty freshness helps neutralize odors after you've smoked.


100ml bottle

Emerald Mint

Non Aeresol




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  • Instructions

    Use Ayromatic to remove lingering odors after your smoke sessions. Simply spray the smoking area where odor is pungent 

    • Shake well before use everytime
    • Spray on fabrics, surfaces, and air only
    • Test for spotting when spraying
    • External Use Only
    • Spray in open areas only
  • Ingredients

    Scent: Mint

    Ayromatic uses simple ingredients to fight odors and nuetralize the molecules that may linger. Our blends have been tested and used in real life scenarios to fight smoke odors.

    Water, Spearmint Oils, Polysorborate, Proprietary Perservatives, Proprietary Blends

    * Trade secret per California Uniform Trade Secrets Act 

  • Details

    Other air fresheners will only mask the odor while Ayromatic uses natural plant oils to nuetralize them. No dangerous chemicals or aerosol is used in our proprietary ingredients. 

    Made with natural ingredients

    No harsh chemicals or toxins

    Nuetralizes odor molecules 

    Bamboo & Glass 

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