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AYRLUME | Aroma Lavender Infused | Personal Air Filter Pack

AYRLUME | Aroma Lavender Infused | Personal Air Filter Pack


Ayrlume Aroma is naturally infused with essential oils, to create another level of well-being to your rituals. A subtle smell of an essential oil will be discovered when using the Ayrlume. From that very moment, you’ve experienced Ayrlume Aroma. 100% pure Lavender oil.


Ayrlume is essential to your personal rituals. Easily disposable after consistent use. You can rely on the Ayrlume to remove unwanted smell and smoke that others may be bothered by due to your exhale.

Price Options
One-time purchase
Monthly Subscription
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$22.49every month until canceled
  • Features/Design

    • 2/4 Pack Aroma - Lavender infused.
    • Eco-Friendly - Made with real natural bamboo. 
    • Disposable - Always have a fresh, clean, sanitary one on hand.
    • Filter Stages - 4 stages of filtration, including nano HEPA.
    • Ergonomic - Designed to easily grasp in your hands and light weight.
    • Compact - Small enough to fit in your pocket or bag, slightly larger than a lighter.
    • Use - up to 100+ exhales.
    • Filtering up to 99% of all smell
    • Filtering up to 95% - 99% of all clouds
    • Do not expose to harsh conditions, the natural bamboo will breakdown. Check mouthpiece for loose strands of bamboo before use. 
  • Aroma

    Ayrlume Aroma 

    Aromatherapy is the holistic healing approach that utilizes natural plant extracts to promote wellness and health. 



    • Subtle smell of natural Lavender.

    • Commonly used in aromatherapy

    • Therapeutic benefits

    • Purported for its calming and relaxing effects

  • *Free Shipping

    *Free Standard shipping for the contiguous U.S. All orders will be processed in 1-2 business days and when shipped, you'll receive an email with the tracking information. Orders outside of contiguous U.S. will not qualify.



    For Exhale use only. If pregnant , suffering from any medical condition, or taking medication, consult a healthcare practitioner before use. Not for internal use or skin.


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